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How to adjust Huawei watch GT2 metal link straps (replace or resize)

how to adjust or replace the huawei watch gt2 link metal straps

It’s easy to adjust Huawei watch GT2 metal link straps. On the first try, they would probably not fit most people’s wrists. Luckily enough there are a pair of fluorine rubber straps included in the box which would fit any wrist size.

For the first few weeks, I only used the rubber straps because I couldn’t find time to adjust the metal straps. Replacing the straps is pretty easy and would take less than 30 seconds. As for the metal link straps, resizing them may take about 15 to 30 mins.

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How to adjust Huawei watch GT2 metal link straps

Huawei Watch GT 2 strap replacement

  • If you want to remove a pair of straps from the Watch Huawei GT2, start by turning the watch over to the underside. Here you can see two fasteners on each strap.
  • Unlock one fastener by pulling it towards the center of the strap. This would remove the fastener’s pin from its slot.
  • While still holding the faster, remove the strap from its position. Once out of position, you can let go of the fastener.
  • Repeat the same with the other strap.
How to replace the huawei watch GT 2 straps unlock each fastener and remove the straps

  • Now to place a new set of traps, first pull each fastener inwards. This would clear the pin and create enough tolerance for the strap to side into place.
  • Once in position, release each fastener and adjust gently until the pins slide back into their dedicated slots on the watch chassis.
  • Finally, repeat the same process with the other strap.
How to replace the huawei watch GT 2 straps pull the fasteners inwards and slide in the straps 2

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Huawei watch GT2 strap adjustment

First, check the watch’s box for the included strap adjustment screwdriver. It is recommended to use a flat, clean and cleared surface so that the screws don’t roll off and get missing (the screws are very tiny).

Please click here to visit Huawei’s official website for any further instructions.

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