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AKG Y50BT on-ear Bluetooth headphones review|very worthy

This is a teaser thumbnail for the AKG Y50BT on-ear bluetooth headphones.

The AKG Y50BT is a cool set of on-ear Bluetooth headphones. On-ear means that they sit on your ear ears. They don’t completely cover your ears, unlike over-the-ear headphones. The AKG brand is a subsidiary of Harman Kardon who is renowned for manufacturing all sorts of high-quality audio gadgets. And these on-ear AKG Y50BT headphones are no exception. For their affordable price point, these headphones will undoubtedly pay you back in value. This review will cover everything, including; build quality, sound quality, connectivity, battery life, price, and where to buy the AKG Y50BT.

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What’s in the box?

AKG Y50BT comes in a simple hard paper package (nothing fancy). The box has a transparent plastic on the front side through which you can see the headphones without having to take them out. Below is a list of everything included in the box.

akg y50bt on ear bluetooth headphones package box tech and cool stuff
  • The AKG Y50BT headphones.
  • A 3.5mm to 2.5mm audio cable (which is 1.2meters long).
  • A Micro USB cable for charging.
  • A carrying pouch.
An image illustrating the extra contents that come in the box of the AKG Y50BT
AKG y50bt on-ear headphones unboxing: what’s in the box? | Credit absolute geeks

AKG Y50BT headphones build quality

A cool tech gadget, such as headphones needs to look good because they reflect the personality of whoever is wearing them. The AKG Y50BT on-ear Bluetooth headphones make no compromises with their design. Aluminum and plastic were used to make the cups. The earpads are very comfortable and made from memory foam covered in Korean Leather. A thin Stainless Steel bar forms the base structure of the headband. It also has some of that memory foam and leather on the underside, creating a soft cushion that rests on your head. All of the plastic parts are Glassfibre Reinforced Poly Carbonate. The joints that connect the cups to the headband are a Zinc Alloy. These premium materials make the headphones feel sturdy and durable. AKG Y50BT Bluetooth headphones come in black, blue, and silver colors.

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This image illustrates the three colors available for AKG Y50BT from left to right; black, blue, and silver
AKG Y50BT colors: black, blue, and silver | Credit AKG EU

AKG Y50BT sound quality

These Bluetooth headphones sound very good. They have nice mids, clear trebles and dominant bass. AKG has fine-tuned these headphones so that the base does not overshadow the mids and highs. However, having good bass is useful for on-ear headphones because they don’t completely cover your ears. Therefore, ambient noise can still pass through, resulting in your headphones not sounding loud enough in a noisy environment. Also, the headband of AKG Y50BT Bluetooth headphones keep the ear cups on your ear with a firm grip. That combines with the earpad’s memory foam to form a noise isolating barrier and retain more bass. However, there is still a small amount of sound leak which happens when you play the headphones at full volume. Overall the AKG Y50BT headphones are suitable for both music and movies

AKG Y50BT functionality

akg y50bt on ear headphones led indicator status tech and cool stuff

The LED on the right cup blinks blue rapidly to when the headphones are not connected. It flashes blue slowly when the headphones are connected. But when it turns red, that means low battery. They have BlueTooth 3.0. Click here to download the manual.

This image illustrates the button locations on the right cup of the AKG Y50BT headphones. They included: skip forward, skip backward, and play/pause. It also locates the microphone, headphone jack, and LED indicator.
AKG Y50BT right cup has all the buttons; skip forward, skip backward, and play/pause

All buttons of the AKG Y50BT are on the right cup. The list includes; a power button, Bluetooth button, volume up/down, and play/pause. A long press on the play/pause will activate Siri (for iPhone). A single press to play or pause. Use a double press to skip one track forward, and a triple press to skip backward by one track. During an incoming call, a single press will pick, and another single press will drop. There is a large microphone on the right cup to assist in calling. An LED on the right cup blinks blue at different speeds to indicate the Bluetooth connection status. But when it turns red, that means low battery. Also located on the right earphone, is the 2.5mm headphone jack through which you can connect the audio cable. The audio cable works even when there is no charge. However, it does not enable calling.

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How to connect AKG Y50BT headphones by Bluetooth

This image illustrates a full view of the akg y50bt in black
AKG Y50BT on-ear Bluetooth headphones black | Credit AKG EU
This image illustrates how to connect the AKG Y50BT headphones by Bluetooth. Turn on the headphones using the power button. Press the Bluetooth pairing button on the right cup. The blue LED on the right cup will start blinking fast. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and search for the AKG Y50BT. Connect your phone with the AKG Y50BT. After pairing the LED blinks slowly.
  • Turn on the headphones using the power button.
  • Press the Bluetooth pairing button on the right cup.
  • The blue LED on the right cup will start blinking fast.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and search for the AKG Y50BT.
  • Connect your phone with the AKG Y50BT.
  • After pairing, the LED blinks slowly.
  • AKG Y50BT only connects to a single device at a time.
  • They come with BlueTooth 3.0

AKG Y50BT headphones battery life

When the blue LED on the right cup turns red, that means low battery. You can charge the headphones using the included Micro USB cable. The charging port and another red LED are on the left cup. When charging, this LED lights up. So how can you see when charging is complete? The same red LED will automatically turn off when the charge reaches 100%. Charging from zero to 100% could take five to six hours with a 5V charger. That’s quite a long charge time. So it may be suitable to put it on charge just before you go to bed. On the flip side, the AKG Y50BT boasts an impressive 20 hours of battery life on a single charge.

AKG Y50BT Portability

The AKG Y50BT headphones occupy less space when folded. In this form, they can fit into the carry pouch included in the box. Their sturdiness means they wouldn’t easily break when kept is a backpack containing other stuff. Furthermore, their weight is just about 0.49kg. Because they are both light and comfortable, wearing them on your head or around your neck for prolonged periods wouldn’t be cumbersome. Overall, they are very portable.

AKG Y50BT Verdict

Here is one pair of headphones that strive to provide great functionality, sound quality, and build quality all in an affordable package. The AKG Y50BT is light, portable, comfortable, and appealing. AKG used premium materials to make them look like a high-end product. These headphones have useful features. You can control your music and receive calls. They have long battery life, and even the juice runs out they’ll still work with an audio cable. Their sound quality is comparable with that of other high-end headphones that cost a lot more. However, with all this value, the AKG Y50BT is priced as a budget headphone.

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