How to move a steam game to another drive step by step

In this post am going to explain how to transfer a steam game from one drive to another on the same computer. Where does Steam install games? The default installation folder for Steam is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam. And the default Steam Library for installing games is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps. But during installation, you can create … Read more

How I bought Microsoft Office Professional Plus for $29 (AED 109)

Microsoft Office Professional Plus contains; Word, Excel, Publisher, Power Point, One Note, Outlook, Access, Lync, and Skype for Business. Read how to buy it for the best prices at (tech and cool stuff .com)

Microsoft Office Professional Plus costs $439.99. I just wanted to start by taking the elephant out of the room. (Hint I bought my copy from the UAE you may not find it elsewhere) So how did I end up buying a legitimate copy for just under $ 30? Writing an article requires a good word … Read more