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Dell D2719HGF 27″ gaming monitor review: affordable and worthy

Dell D2719hgf is a 27inch 144Hz 2ms gaming monitor that supports free sync and is g sync certified. read more at

The Dell D2719HGF is an affordable gaming monitor with the best bang for your buck in 2019. And it is also one of the bestselling monitors at the moment. Read on to find out exactly why buying this 27inch 144Hz gaming monitor is such a good investment.

D2719HGF Performance

Dell D2719HGF is a 27-inch 1920 by 1080p (FHD) gaming monitor. Its response time is only two milliseconds. The only thing faster would be a 1ms response time. But honestly, it’s hard to differentiate a 2ms from a 1ms response time just by looking. It has a 144 Hz refresh rate with Free Sync (for AMD Graphic Cards). But it is also G-Sync certified. And owners have reported having a flawless experience using it with their Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti. It has a wide Free Sync range from 40 Hz to 144 Hz. The Dell D2719HGF has a miserable contrast ratio of 1000 to 100. That means you can’t get very dark colors. Not ideal for people who love watching HDR content.

The Dell D2719HGF has a TN panel. Out of the box, the colors are a bit washed out as confirmed by numerous users. But this is a budget monitor for gaming, so color accuracy is not the point of focus. It is not suitable for work that requires color accuracy such as picture and video editing. Most people cannot notice this unless they compare it next to another color-accurate monitor. However, certain users say that you can take some time and calibrate the colors to look great. The menu settings are plain and simple. Some may think the menu is too basic and would rather have a more user-friendly graphical interface. After adjustment, colors pop and text is easy to read. The Dell D2719HGF has a peak brightness of 400 nits.

Dell D2719HGF is a 27-inch thin bezel, good looking, sub $200 gaming monitor. It has some impressive specs like a 144Hz refresh rate, 2ms response time, Free Sync and G-Sync Compatibility.
The Dell D2719HGF looks impressive on a desk (watch the video review below) | Image Credit: Zach’s Tech Turf

Dell D2719HGF Connectivity

At the back of the Dell D2719HGF, there are five ports. First is the single display port 1.2. Connecting to the display port enables the buttery smooth 144Hz refresh rate that gamers love so much. Next is the standard HDMI 2.0 port. There are also two USB pass-throughs. Having two extra USB ports through your monitor means you can connect your accessories like a wireless mouse and keyboard, or USB headphones. This budget gaming monitor comes with built-in speakers. And they sound awful. Luckily there is one headphone jack through which you can connect external speakers. Or else, use your headphones and turn off those speakers permanently. Dell packs one HDMI cable in the box. So, you would have to buy a cable for the display port.

D2719HGF Build quality

Dell D2719HGF has a simple minimalist design. Most users are delighted with the thin top and side bezels. The bottom bezel though is a little larger because it bears the “Dell” logo and a few buttons. With this monitor, you only get a vertical tilt adjustment. But if this isn’t enough, then there are a ton of monitor desk or wall mounts that you can use. Did I already mention it has built-in speakers? Yes, I highly recommend you stay away from them and use a gaming headset instead. If they removed those speakers and made the monitor even cheaper, nobody would complain. Overall, the build quality feels durable and reliable.

Dell D2719HGF Verdict

It’s not hard to understand that Dell focused on packing as many gaming features as possible while keeping the price low. This monitor is for the budget gamer or anyone else who is not interested in spending a lot of money to get one. Some users complained about the poor speaker quality, which is easy to avoid by using external speakers and headphones. Other users didn’t like the fact that they had to make color adjustments by themselves. But in the end, Dell D2719HGF delivers the “bang for your buck,” and I would recommend it.

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