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Don’t buy an HP laptop without reading this!

hp laptops before you buy

HP laptops are the most popular around the world. It is no surprise because this company has been around for a long time. HP is one of the oldest computer manufacturers in the world. It was founded on January 1st, 1939 by Bill Hewlett and David Packard. But it only started making computers in 1966. That means it has 53 years of experience making computers. HP was the world’s leading PC manufacturer from 2007 to 2013. Fast-forward to 2019 and HP is still amongst the top 5 best PC manufacturers.

How many models are there?

The secret to their success is simple. Build a wide range of laptop models to satisfy a variety of consumer needs. HP has everything from low-end, midrange, high-end, and even premium laptops. On their official website, there are currently 15 different models listed. Each one is designed to serve a different purpose. Here is the current HP laptop list for 2019; OMEN, OMEN X, HP Pavilion Gaming, HP Spectre x360, HP Spectre Folio 13, HP ENVY 13, HP ENVY 15, HP ENVY x2, HP ENVY 17, HP ENVY x360, HP Laptop, HP Pavilion, HP Pavilion x360, HP Stream, and HP Chromebook. Deciding which one to buy can be quiet confusing but this article will certainly make it easier for you

HP laptops for gaming and heavy duty

hp omen gaming laptop series
HP Omen gaming series

The list of HP laptop models above is broken down into four distinct categories which include; gaming, budget, home & personal use, office & business use. The gaming category is for people who primarily want to play video games. These models have powerful central processing and graphics processing units, making them suitable not only for gaming but also for heavy-duty work such as graphic design, 3D modeling, etc. So HP built three sub-categories in the gaming department. HP Pavilion gaming is for people who want the advantage of the raw power that gaming laptops offer but still looks professional enough that they can take it to work or class. The HP Omen has ferocious alien-like looks and either red or multi-colored keyboard lighting. For hardcore gamers, the Omen X is the most advanced version, providing the highest performance and number of features.

HP laptops for office and business

hp spectre laptop
HP Spectre office and business

If you want an HP laptop for office or business, you can select one amongst the following; HP Spectre x360, HP ENVY 13, HP ENVY x2, HP ENVY x360, HP Pavilion 14, HP Folio. These models are better known as Ultrabooks. An ultrabook is a laptop that is thin, light, powerful, elegant and has long battery life. With an average battery life between 7 to 10 hours, they can take most users through a day of work on a single charge. They are suitable for activities such as web browsing, excel & word document editing, emailing, picture editing, light video editing, light gaming, video watching, and reading. Ultrabooks are aesthetically appealing laptops. They usually have an elegant aluminum metal chassis with a smooth finish and a small form factor. They are also incredibly lightweight and very portable. But all these features also make them a lot more expensive.

HP laptops for home and personal use

hp pavilion 15 laptop
HP Pavilion 15

Home & Personal use laptops are for people who prefer performance over appearance. They sacrifice the overall design aesthetics to provide excellent performance at a low cost. If you don’t care about thin and light but still want something that works well when you need it, take a look at the following; HP Pavilion 15, and the HP Laptop. Devices in this group may come in various configurations, but their chassis are manufactured using cheaper materials like plastic. Their battery life averages 5 hours at most. They are chunky, heavy and as soon as you see them you know at once, they are not at all portable. These laptops should just be put on a table and left there until when their use is required.

HP laptops for casual use

HP Chromebook
HP Chromebook

The Low-end group consists of laptops also known as netbooks. They have the slowest processors, and can only handle very light tasks such as web browsing, video watching, light document editing, and reading. The HP Chromebook and HP Stream are good examples. Onboard storage may sometimes not be available. Instead, you will have to rely on cloud storage. Such devices are heavily dependent on an internet connection. On rare occasions, you may find them with a 1TB or a 500GB onboard storage. Price-wise, they are incredibly affordable. The low price point is not a surprise because they have low-end processors, little or no storage, slower storage, less ram, and cheaper build materials. None the less, they have very long battery life, lightweight, and are portable.

Our verdict

Before buying an HP laptop, it is vital to determine why you need the device. Ask yourself what kind of tasks would you perform with your computer? Are they heavy-duty or less demanding? Where would you use your computer? Would it just stay on a desk at your home or office? Or would you take it everywhere you go? Let’s say you have to take it to your office or for business meetings. Maybe you would like it to give a particularly good impression about you. In that case, you may want to have something with a beautiful metallic finish and premium looks. Would you consider gaming on your laptop? If yes then make sure it has a GPU that can support the kinds of games that you want to play. By answering all these questions, you can quickly determine which model is best suitable for your needs.

HP Gaming laptops
HP Spectre
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