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How to Adjust Vizio TV Settings using the SmartCast App

how to control a vizio tv using the smartcast app

In today’s digital age, televisions have become more advanced than ever before, offering a multitude of features and settings to enhance your viewing experience.

Vizio, a renowned brand in the world of consumer electronics, provides users with the SmartCast App, which allows seamless control and customization of their Vizio TVs.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of adjusting settings on your Vizio TV using the SmartCast App, empowering you to make the most of your entertainment system.

Downloading and Installing the SmartCast App

To get started, you’ll need to download the Vizio SmartCast app on your mobile device. Simply visit the Google Play Store for Android or the iOS App Store for Apple devices and search for “Vizio SmartCast.”

Note that the smartphone or tablet on which you wish to install the SmartCast Mobile application must meet the following requirements:

  • Android 8.0 or higher
  • iOS 13.0 or higher

Once you find the app, click on the download button to install it on your phone. After the app is installed, open it on your mobile device.

The SmartCast app offers a range of features, allowing you to add and control various apps directly on your Vizio TV.

To utilize these capabilities, you’ll need to ensure that the relevant apps, such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video, are already downloaded and set up on your Vizio TV.

How to connect the SmartCast App to Your Vizio TV

Step 1: Downloading and installing the Vizio SmartCast app

To begin, open the Google Play Store on your Android device or the Apple App Store on your iPhone.

Search for the “Vizio SmartCast” app using the search bar. Once you find it, download and install the app on your smartphone. The app’s icon looks like the Vizio SmartCast logo.

Step 2: Sign In

After installing the app, you can create an account or sign in as a guest. Launch the app and follow the on-screen instructions. This will allow you to access the app’s features and functionalities.

Step 3: Selecting Your Vizio TV

Make sure your Vizio Smart TV is powered on, and both your phone and TV are connected to the same home Wi-Fi network.

In the app, select the “Devices” option to begin the pairing process. The app will search for available devices.

Step 4: Pairing Your SmartCast Device

Once your Vizio Smart TV is detected, tap on the device to pair it with the app. You will be prompted with a pin code displayed on your TV screen.

Note down the code and enter it into the app on your smartphone. This code ensures a secure connection between your phone and the TV. Press “Enter” or “Submit” to complete the pairing process.

Step 5: Enjoy Remote Control Functionality Congratulations!

You have successfully set up and paired your Vizio SmartCast remote app with your Vizio Smart TV.

You can now control your TV using your smartphone. Feel free to explore the app’s features and settings to enhance your viewing experience.

Pairing a Vizio TV with the SmartCast app

Controlling your Vizio TV with the SmartCast app

Step 1: At the bottom of the app, you will see an icon that resembles a television with a subwoofer in front of it. Tap on this icon, and it will take you to the Control section.

Step 2: In the Control section, tap on “Devices,” located at the top right corner of the screen. You will then see a list of available devices. Select your Vizio Smart TV from the list.

If you don’t see your television listed, ensure that your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your TV. If the issue persists, double-check that your Vizio TV is connected to Wi-Fi.

Step 3: Once you have successfully selected your television, a control menu will appear on your mobile screen.

This menu functions similarly to a standard remote control. You can turn your TV on and off, adjust the input source, change video modes, and perform various other functions.

Step 4: For more advanced control, swipe to the left to access the movement screen. Here, you will find a directional pad that allows you to navigate and control your television with ease.

This intuitive interface replicates the functionality of a physical remote, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Key settings you can modify using the SmartCast app 

Picture Settings

Fine-tuning the picture settings of your Vizio TV is essential for achieving the optimal visual experience.

Within the Control section, you’ll find options to adjust brightness, contrast, color saturation, sharpness, and more.

Experimenting with these settings allows you to customize the picture quality based on your preferences and the environment in which you are watching.

Audio Settings

Superb audio quality enhances the overall entertainment experience. In the Control section, you’ll find a range of audio settings to refine the sound output of your Vizio TV.

From adjusting bass and treble levels to enabling virtual surround sound, you can optimize the audio to suit your tastes, immersing yourself in a rich and lifelike audio environment.

Network and Connectivity

Vizio TVs offer various network and connectivity options to enhance your viewing possibilities.

Within the Control section, you can manage Wi-Fi connections, set up wired connections, and configure network settings.

Additionally, you can explore options for screen mirroring, connecting external devices, and integrating your TV with other smart home devices for seamless control.

Upon successful pairing, the SmartCast App will present you with a user-friendly interface that provides easy access to various settings and features of your Vizio TV. Let’s explore the key sections of the app:


The home section serves as the central hub for all your entertainment needs. Here, you’ll find personalized recommendations, trending content, and quick access to your favorite apps and streaming services. 

The Home section also allows you to browse through a wide selection of movies, TV shows, and other media.


The Discover section offers a curated collection of content based on your preferences and viewing history.

This feature helps you discover new shows, movies, and streaming options that align with your interests.

Whether you’re in the mood for a thrilling action flick or a heartwarming romantic comedy, the Discover section has got you covered.


The control section is where the magic happens. This is where you can adjust the various settings and configurations of your Vizio TV to tailor your viewing experience.


The Remote section of the SmartCast App transforms your mobile device into a powerful remote control.

You can navigate through menus, launch apps, adjust volume, and control playback directly from your smartphone or tablet.

This feature adds convenience and eliminates the need for multiple remotes cluttering your living space.

Advanced Features and Customization

Vizio’s SmartCast App goes beyond basic TV settings, offering advanced features and customization options to elevate your entertainment experience. Here are a few notable advanced features worth exploring:

Voice Control

The SmartCast App supports voice control, allowing you to interact with your Vizio TV using simple voice commands.

Whether you want to change the channel, search for a specific movie, or adjust volume, you can do it effortlessly by speaking to your mobile device. This hands-free approach adds an extra layer of convenience and accessibility.

Guest Mode

If you frequently have guests or want to keep your TV usage private, the Guest Mode feature is a valuable addition.

This feature enables you to create a temporary guest network that allows visitors to cast their content to the TV without connecting to your main Wi-Fi network. It ensures a hassle-free experience while maintaining your network’s security.

Customizable Shortcuts

The SmartCast App lets you personalize your TV experience by creating customizable shortcuts.

You can assign your favorite apps, channels, or settings to quick-access buttons within the app.

This feature streamlines your navigation, allowing you to switch between different sources or settings with a single tap.


In conclusion, using your Vizio Smart TV without the remote is possible through the Vizio SmartCast app.

With the Vizio SmartCast app on your mobile device, you can enjoy full control of your TV from the palm of your hand.

Whether you want to adjust settings, change the input source, or explore various apps, the Vizio SmartCast app offers a comprehensive solution.

Remember to keep your physical remote as a backup, especially for tasks like resetting your TV to factory settings.

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