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How to fix OBS Studio not recording desktop

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So there’s this great idea for a video, and you need the best free screen recorder you can find. A few moments later you download and install OBS studio. You are so excited to start recording your desktop. And then nothing! OBS is busy recording a black background. OBS studio is not recording your desktop. After so many attempts to fix this problem, the frustration keeps growing until you finally decide to find a fix on Youtube. Lucky for you there is a quick fix.

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2020 Update: 2 ways to fix OBS display capture not working step by step windows 10 (black screen)

No worries, here is a possible fix for OBS Studio not recording your desktop. Nowadays most computers (laptop or desktop) come with two graphics processing units: an integrated chipset (Intel graphics) and a dedicated chipset (Nvidia). OBS is designed to run efficiently on an Nvidia GPU. So as soon as you install it on your computer, it will run by default on the Nvidia processor if it detects any. But your computer’s desktop can only work through on the integrated graphics. So if any program would like to record your desktop, it must also be set to run on the integrated GPU.

Here is how to do it. Right click on your desktop and select the Nvidia Control Panel. Then go to Manage 3D settings. Click program settings, scroll down until you find OBS. Finally, change its preferred graphics processor to Integrated graphics. That should do it! Now, relaunch OBS and try the display capture once more. It should work just fine. Sometimes words alone are not enough. So below is the same tutorial in video form.

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