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How to pair Huawei Watch Gt2, with a Samsung Phone step by step

how to pair huawei watch gt gt2 gt2e to samsung galaxy or any android smartphone

My Watch GT 2 was previously paired to a Huawei Mate 20 pro but I recently bought the galaxy S20 FE. Fortunately, Huawei’s watches are compatible with both iPhones and Android phones. So, there’s no need to go buy a new galaxy watch for fitness tracking.

This post will explain how to pair a Huawei Watch GT 2, Watch GT2e, Watch Fit, or the older Watch GT with a Samsung, or any other android smartphone.

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How to Install Huawei Mobile Services (HMS Core)

The first step is to install the Huawei Health app on your smartphone. But it requires Huawei Mobile Services (HMS Core) to work properly. You can get this by installing the HMS Core APK. Even though it’s available on the Google Play Store, I don’t recommend using that one because it is outdated and didn’t work properly when tried.

That resulted in the App showing the following error; “Unable to log in due to network error. Please try again later” and not being able to run, without an active internet connection. There are many third-party app stores from which you can get it but in my opinion, the best source is Huawei’s own App Gallery.

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You can watch this tutorial in video format or keep reading below | Source

You can download the Huawei App Gallery from their official website by doing a quick google search or by visiting this link.

  • Click “install now”, and you would be redirected to the download page.
  • On the download page, click “Install” again (or “download”).
  • If prompted, allow your browser to download and install APK files, and wait for the download to finish.
  • Once completed, click “Open”, then after the prompt, click “Install”.

Great! So, you’ve now installed the Huawei App Gallery on your android smartphone. Open the App, and Agree to the terms and conditions. The App Gallery requires permission to make and manage phone calls. After that, search for “HMS Core” and install it.

  • To complete installation, you have to “allow installation of apps from the Huawei App Gallery”.
  • On the first run of the HMS core, you would be prompted to sign in with your Huawei I.D.
  • If you don’t have one, then create a new account.

Ok! So, the HMS core installation is completed. Now you can install Huawei’s Health App from the Google Store (or from Huawei App Gallery).

  • Just type Huawei Health App in the search bar and click “Install”.
  • After installation, agree to the terms and log in with your Huawei I.D.
  • Then Agree to some more terms and allow the necessary permissions.
  • The App requires the following permissions; internet access, phone call access, and location data.

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Pairing the Huawei Watch GT with the Samsung phone

Alright! Now that we’ve got all the necessary Apps installed, we’re going to pair 3 different Huawei watches to the same phone. The Watch GT, Watch GT 2, and Watch GT 2e.

  • Start by unpairing the watch from your previous device.
  • To do this, swipe down from the top of the Huawei Watch GT and click the settings icon.
  • Scroll down and select “System”, then “Disconnect”.
  • That will unpair your watch from the previous smartphone without wiping off the data stored on it.
  • However, if you want a fresh start, you can use the reset option instead.
  • After this step, the watch would turn on its pairing mode.
  • If it’s a brand new Watch GT, then pairing mode is enabled automatically on the first boot.
  • Open the Huawei health app and select the “Devices” icon at the bottom right and click “Add a device”.
  • You can add as many devices as you want but the App can only connect to one specific device at a time.
  • After clicking Add, select “Smartwatch”.
  • If your watch doesn’t appear on the list presented, then tap the “Orange” notification at the top to update the list.

let’s start with the Huawei Watch GT 2

  • On the list of smartwatches, select “Huawei Watch GT 2 Series and click Pair.
  • The pairing is done by Bluetooth so of course, Bluetooth must be enabled on your smartphone.
  • The app takes a moment to scan for available devices.
  • Once found, select your Watch from the list, and the app will send it a “Bluetooth Pairing Request”.
  • You have to accept the pairing request on your watch.
  • Then the Watch will request permission to access your contacts and call history on your phone.
  • Accept permission requests from the watch (because that’s what’s required for the watch to receive incoming call notifications)

Enable app notifications on the Huawei Health App

Pairing is complete. Now you need to select which apps can send you notifications on your smartwatch. But first, you must enable notification access for Huawei Health.

  • Search “Notification Access” in the system settings.
  • Then scroll down till you find the Health App, toggle it on, and click “Allow”.
  • Next, return to the notifications settings (this time in the Huawei Health App itself)
  • Turn on notifications for each app you want then click done.

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Pairing multiple Huawei Watches to the same phone

To add a second or third device, just visit the “Devices Menu” once more and click “Add”. Then repeat the pairing process for each Huawei watch variant that you wish to add.


So, there you have it. That’s how to pair a Huawei Watch GT to any Samsung smartphone, or any android phone.

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