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Huawei/Honor Game Suite (App Assistant): how to enable/reinstall it

Huawei/Honor Game Suite (App Assistant): how to enable/reinstall it

The Game Suite or App Assistant is a setting found on supported Huawei and Honor smartphones. When turned on, it improves the user experience, for gaming apps.

Four important features of the Game Suite / App Assistant

  1. It helps you assemble all your games in one space
  2. It enables Game Acceleration (turbo mode) which optimizes system settings to improve game performance.
  3. It gives access to Uninterrupted gaming which blocks all notifications while gaming apart from calls and alarms which are only silenced.
  4. It simplifies the connection of supported Bluetooth peripherals for gaming such as the Betop G1 and Betop H1.

Normally you should be able to find it as a shortcut on your home screen. But for one reason or another, it may not be there. Even worse, it may have been mistakenly uninstalled from the system settings.

Finding the Huawei / Honor Game Suite (App Assistant)

If you cannot find the Huawei/Honor Game Suite, you can locate it by going to:

  • System settings
  • Then Apps
  • And finally, App Assistant
  • Or, from the home screen simply:
  • Swipe down to reveal the search bar
  • Then type in “AppAssistant
find the app assistant by going to system settings then apps then app assistant

Be sure to type it as a single word without any space between “App” and “Assistant”.Once open, click the three dots on the top right and select “Add To Home Screen”. That will make it easily accessible right from your home screen without any need to do a search or enter system settings.

How to reinstall the Huawei / Honor Game Suite (App Assistant)

In case you can’t find the Game Suite (App Assistant), then it’s possible that the setting was mistakenly uninstalled. But don’t worry you can reinstall it through the following method.

  • Download Huawei Game Suite / App Assistant version 8.0 APK file
  • Click here to download the Game Suite version 8.0 APK file. This file is simply a system setting. Therefore, it doesn’t require any special permissions
  • Download Huawei Game Suite / Huawei App Assistant 8.0 APK here
  • Install the Huawei / Honor Game Suite APK (App Assistant)
  • Once downloaded, click to install it. After installation, you can start adding games to the Game Suite. But there’s still one issue though.
  • Create a desktop shortcut
  • This Game Suite APK is an old version. That’s why you can’t find it in the “Apps Settings“, and therefore cannot create a desktop shortcut. However, you can see it in “System Processes” then “Apps“, and search for “Game Suit“.
  • Update the Huawei / Honor Game Suite APK (App Assistant) to the latest version
  • After updating the Game Suite, you would have the add to screen option. You can update it to the latest version by going to the “Huawei AppGallery“, then click “manager“. After the update, “Game Suite” now becomes “AppAssistant“. Then restart your phone.
  • Finding the new App Assistant (Game Suite) in system settings
  • Once you restart your phone the App Assistant gets integrated into the system Settings. Find it using the following steps: System settings > Apps > App Assistant
  • Grant permissions to App Assistant (Game Suite)
  • On the first launch, you would be required to grant permissions to App Assistant.
  • Add AppAssistant to the home screen
  • Locate it on your phone by simply searching for “AppAssistant”, then launch it. Finally, add the AppAssistant to your home screen by clicking the three dots on the top right and selecting “Add To Home Screen”.
  • Solved!!
  • App Assistant is reinstalled, updated to the latest version and its shortcut is available on the home screen. You’re a genius!

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