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Russian iPhone – Apple forced to preinstall specific apps

iPhone 13 and 13 mini

Earlier this year, in compliance with Russian regulations Apple began to serve preinstalled government-approved apps on iPhones sold in the region. According to a newspaper named Vdeomosti, customers setting up a brand-new iPhone in Russia could see a screen that permits them to instantly install specific apps as sanctioned by the Russian federal government. Users have the freedom to decide if they want to install the apps or not.

Which Russian apps are preinstalled?

They consist of social networks service apps, civil service apps for payments, civil service information apps, and antivirus apps. A few of the preinstalled apps include’s e-mail service, the MIR payment system, social media Vkontakte, as well as Odnoklassniki, and Kaspersky Lab antivirus software. The same regulations have also been applied to Android phones.

However, according to reports, all of the apps will be preinstalled on Android smartphones and users won’t be able to opt-out of installing them. The new policies require all smart devices sold in Russia (including smartphones, computers, tablets, as well as smart televisions) to come preinstalled with these apps.

Why was this regulation implemented?

This legislation was passed back in 2019, and also requires smart devices like tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and wise TVs sold in Russia to be pre-installed with apps made by Russian businesses starting April 1st, 2021. The regulation was originally set to go into effect in July 2020, but it was pushed back to April 2021. Nonetheless, some government critics believe that the applications could be made use of for security.

Russian iPhone 13 model numbers and part numbers

Below are the model numbers of all the iPhone 13s covered by this legislation

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Russian iPhone 13 model numbers

Here are the model numbers for the Russian iPhone. iPhone 13 Pro Model A2640, iPhone 13 Pro Max Model A2645, iPhone 13 Model A2635, iPhone 13 mini Model A2630.

Russian iPhone 13 part numbers

Russian iPhone 13 part numbers

128GB Midnight MLNW3RU/A, 256GB Midnight MLP23RU/A, 512GB Midnight MLP83RU/A, 128GB Blue MLP13RU/A, 256GB Blue MLP73RU/A, 512GB Blue MLPD3RU/A, 128GB Pink MLNY3RU/A, 256GB Pink MLP53RU/A, 512GB Pink MLPA3RU/A, 128GB Starlight MLNX3RU/A, 256GB Starlight MLP43RU/A, 512GB Starlight MLP93RU/A, 128GB (PRODUCT)RED MLP03RU/A, 256GB (PRODUCT)RED MLP63RU/A, 512GB (PRODUCT)RED MLPC3RU/A.

Russian iPhone 13 mini part numbers

128GB Midnight MLLV3RU/A, 256GB Midnight MLM43RU/A, 512GB Midnight MLM93RU/A, 128GB Blue MLM23RU/A, 256GB Blue MLM83RU/A, 512GB Blue MLMK3RU/A, 128GB Pink MLLX3RU/A, 256GB Pink MLM63RU/A, 512GB Pink MLMF3RU/A, 128GB Starlight MLLW3RU/A, 256GB Starlight MLM53RU/A, 512GB Starlight MLMC3RU/A, 128GB (PRODUCT)RED MLLY3RU/A, 256GB (PRODUCT)RED MLM73RU/A, 512GB (PRODUCT)RED MLMH3RU/A.

Russian iPhone 13 pro part numbers

128GB Graphite MLW13RU/A, 256GB Graphite MLW53RU/A, 512GB Graphite MLW93RU/A, 1TB Graphite MLWE3RU/A, 128GB Silver MLW23RU/A, 256GB Silver MLW63RU/A, 512GB Silver MLWA3RU/A, 1TB Silver MLWF3RU/A, 128GB Gold MLW33RU/A, 256GB Gold MLW73RU/A, 512GB Gold MLWC3RU/A, 1TB Gold MLWG3RU/A, 128GB Sierra Blue MLW43RU/A, 256GB Sierra Blue MLW83RU/A, 512GB Sierra Blue MLWD3RU/A, 1TB Sierra Blue MLWH3RU/A.

Russian iPhone 13 pro max part numbers

128GB Sierra Blue MLLU3RU/A, 256GB Sierra Blue MLMJ3RU/A, 512GB Sierra Blue MLMW3RU/A, 1TB Sierra Blue MLNA3RU/A, 128GB Gold MLLT3RU/A, 256GB Gold MLMG3RU/A, 512GB Gold MLMV3RU/A, 1TB Gold MLN93RU/A, 128GB Graphite MLLP3RU/A, 256GB Graphite MLMA3RU/A, 512GB Graphite MLMP3RU/A, 1TB Graphite MLN63RU/A, 128GB Silver MLLQ3RU/A, 256GB Silver MLMD3RU/A, 512GB Silver MLMR3RU/A, 1TB Silver MLN73RU/A

Traditionally, Apple has always kept tight control over the iPhone’s configuration procedure. But that appears to be changing, in the Russian market. We can understand that Apple made these changes to stay on the side of regional laws.

But this is far from being the first time such a thing is happening. For example, Apple has previously made changes in Apple Maps and blocked pride watch faces in Russia. In China, Apple stores its iCloud data on “Chinese State Runned Servers“. Showing to what extent government policies can affect consumer tech.

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