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Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+ 4G or 5G! (which should you buy?)

Samsung galaxy S20 5G Vs 4G series which should you buy

Samsung has finally announced the Galaxy S flagships for 2020. They are; the Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra. And all three are loaded with top-end specs.

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Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra comparison
Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra comparison

However, this article is not going to elaborate on all, but rather on one Spec in particular. And that is their data connectivity. Samsung may have said, that these Galaxy S20 smartphones are all available with 5G connectivity. But, apart from the S20 Ultra, you can also get the other two models in cheaper 4G versions. Unfortunately, at the time of launch, the 4G S20 and S20+ versions would not be available in the US.

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All galaxy S20 versions available on Samsung USA are 5G
All galaxy S20 versions available on Samsung USA are 5G: Source Samsung US

The cheapest 5G enabled Galaxy S20 in the US starts at $999 and comes with a 128GB storage. If you browse through some of the manufacturer’s other websites like Samsung UK for example, the story is slightly different. You are first welcomed by the 5G versions of course. But scroll down a little further, and there is another Galaxy S20 without the 5G. Priced at £799 (for 128GB). That makes it £100 cheaper than the other 128GB Galaxy S20 with 5G. That’s a huge price difference and worth considering before you place your order.

Samsung galaxy s20 UK pricing 4G and 5G versions 3
Samsung-galaxy-s20-UK-pricing-4G-and-5G-versions: Source Samsung UK

On Samsung UAE, the S20 is only available in 4G. And if you really want to get one with 5G, then you must move up to the S20+ or S20 Ultra. The S20+ 128 GB starts at AED3599 with 4G and AED3799 with 5G. Apart from this, the rest of the specs remain exactly the same. Therefore aside from the super-fast 5G speeds, a person using a 4G Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone would get the same performance as someone with the 5G model.

Price-difference-between-Samsung-galaxy-s20+-and-s20-in-the-UAE: Source Samsung UAE

Now the big question is, should you buy a 5G Galaxy S20 or a 4G Galaxy S20? Before I answer that, let’s consider a few arguments. Yes, 5G can provide lightning-fast data transfer speeds at low latency. And we know that 5G networks are gradually increasing coverage area. Still, they are not yet as reliable as 4G. And it would take at least a few years before we can see countries starting to boast of a full and consistent 5G coverage across all their cities.

Carrier 5G networks across the USA as of this current date
Carrier 5G networks across the USA as of this date: Source

Also, most people already have high-speed internet at home. And a lot of people only use the internet for social media, internet calling, web browsing, and video streaming. Most of which they would rather do with their more convenient unlimited broadband plans than a limited mobile data plan. So, let’s say you are going to spend the extra £100 to buy a Samsung Galaxy S20 5G. You would probably end up just browsing Facebook, watching YouTube videos, checking a few emails or looking at pictures on Instagram each day. But 4G internet can already handle such activities pretty well.

the glorious Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
The glorious Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: Source


So again, should you buy the 5G or 4G Samsung Galaxy S20s? If you are based in the United States you probably don’t have a choice for now. Because they only have the 5G versions. If you live in a country where both options are available, I believe most people would still be fine with the 4G Galaxy S20s. Unless you really want to experience 5G at any cost. A few people don’t even use a data plan and only rely on wifi. With the extra money, you can buy useful accessories like a case, screen protector, or even wireless earbuds for better user experience.

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