What is the MQ1F3AA/A iPhone model?

If you’re considering upgrading your iPhone, you may have come across the MQ1F3AA/A model and are wondering what sets it apart from other models. 

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the MQ1F3AA/A iPhone model and its specifications, features, and performance, so you can decide if it’s the right choice for you.

What is the MQ1F3AA/A iPhone model?

MQ1F3AA/A is the iPhone 14 Pro 256GB Deep Purple for the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait. Apple provides this model for sale and use within these countries.

iPhone MQ1F3AA/A model number and part number

  • Model number: A2890 (the Global model)
  • Part number: MQ1F3AA/A
  • Name: iPhone 14 Pro 256GB Deep Purple

Other iPhone 14 Pro part numbers for these countries

Apple iPhone 14 Pro (128 GB) – Deep Purple MQ0G3AA/A
Apple iPhone 14 Pro (256 GB) – Deep Purple MQ1F3AA/A
Apple iPhone 14 Pro (512 GB) – Deep Purple MQ293AA/A
Apple iPhone 14 Pro (1 TB) – Deep Purple MQ323AA/A

If you want to know how to check your iPhone’s model number and part number to ensure that you are purchasing the correct model, click this link to read a very detailed step-by-step post with pictures on how to do so.

MQ1F3AA/A country of origin

Apple manufactures the MQ1F3AA/A iPhone model primarily for sale and use in the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait.

This is the iPhone 14 Pro 256GB Deep Purple version that the authorized suppliers and retailers in these countries will all have in their shops.

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Apple iPhone 14 Pro (512 GB) – Deep Purple MQ293AA/A
Apple iPhone 14 Pro (1 TB) – Deep Purple MQ323AA/A

Note that it is not uncommon to find the iPhone 14 Pro 256 GB MQ1F3AA/A in other Middle Eastern countries like Bahrain, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.

What’s new on the MQ1F3AA/A iPhone model?

Apart from its new A16 Bionic Chip, the Dynamic Island is the main differentiating feature between the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the iPhone 14 Pro. 

The physical camera lenses are also noticeably bigger due to Apple upgrading them to improve low light photography. 

Notably, there is a larger 48 MP primary sensor on the iPhone 14 Pro as opposed to the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s 12 MP primary lens.

MQ1F3AA/A SIM card slot

One of the biggest disappointments for iPhone 14 customers happened when they realized that Apple had eliminated the SIM card slot from certain models.

But fortunately enough, only the US iPhone version doesn’t support a SIM card slot. The iPhone 14 models from other countries around the world, including the UAE, all have a SIM card slot.

The iPhone 14 Pro (256 GB) MQ1F3AA/A supports one physical SIM and two eSIMs. It supports a dual SIM card configuration in the form of one physical SIM and one eSIM. 

Note that even though you can activate two eSIMs on this phone, you can only use one (eSIM) at a time. 

FaceTime on the iPhone MQ1F3AA/A model

If you activate the MQ1F3AA/A iPhone in the UAE and select the region as the United Arab Emirates, the FaceTime app will not be available on the phone. 

This is the norm for all UAE iPhone models. Due to requirements imposed by the Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA), iPhones supplied by Apple UAE, their authorized suppliers, and retailers don’t come with FaceTime.

But that doesn’t imply that the MQ1F3AA/A iPhone model doesn’t have FaceTime. The app will reappear immediately if you go into the phone’s settings and change its region to another country where FaceTime is available.

Nonetheless, the FaceTime application will not work on UAE cellular networks as it is blocked at the level of the service provider.

Within the UAE, the only way to use FaceTime on an iPhone is via a VPN. However, if you relocate to a country other than the UAE, FaceTime will work on the MQ1F3AA/A iPhone model.

MQ1F3AA/A iPhone launch date

The iPhone 14 Pro MQ1F3AA/A was announced on September 7, 2022. On that day, Apple announced four different models; the iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max.

The early customers who placed their Pre-Orders started receiving their units on September 16th of the same month.

MQ1F3AA/A launch price

At launch, the UAE iPhone 14 Pro models came in Deep Purple, Gold, Silver, and Space Black colors. Deep purple was the new and special color for the iPhon 14 Pro and Pro Max models. Apple priced them as follows.

  • iPhone 14 Pro 128GB AED 4,299
  • iPhone 14 Pro 256GB AED 4,699
  • iPhone 14 Pro 512GB AED 5,549
  • iPhone 14 Pro 1TB AED 6,399

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Apple iPhone 14 Pro (128 GB) – Deep Purple MQ0G3AA/A
Apple iPhone 14 Pro (256 GB) – Deep Purple MQ1F3AA/A
Apple iPhone 14 Pro (512 GB) – Deep Purple MQ293AA/A
Apple iPhone 14 Pro (1 TB) – Deep Purple MQ323AA/A

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iPhone 14 Pro MQ1F3AA/A Dimensions

When it comes to choosing a new smartphone, the device’s dimensions can play a significant role in your decision-making process. 

Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro MQ1F3AA/A model is no exception, and its dimensions can impact its portability, ease of use, and overall user experience. 

In this section, we’ll dive into the iPhone 14 Pro MQ1F3AA/A’s dimensions, including its size, weight, and thickness, so you can get a better sense of what it’s like to use and carry this phone with you on a daily basis.

iPhone 14 Pro MQ1F3AA/A Size and Weight

4m9a hORlJj8MfU5LIRaT qs6AZhevd4R34M QV48xCe kkypYe O rVN0ekTclJ2lqSHxv VIDq0GAgfUNEl8HUtzl Npmdvq4a7vC4UCCI1t5UhDouhFmMyooCcjZEntwK1V2Q74hDlrFM8gicadE
  • Weight 206 grams
  • Height: 147.5 mm
  • Width: 71.5 mm 
  • Depth: 7.85 mm

iPhone 14 Pro MQ1F3AA/A battery capacity

The iPhone 14 Pro MQ1F3AA/A has a non-removable Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 3200 mAh.

It can gain 50% charge in 30 minutes when using a 20W adapter. It also supports 15W wireless charging via MagSafe or 7.5W wireless charging with a regular Qi charger.

It’s worth noting that this phone doesn’t come with a charging brick or headphones. Instead, you only get the phone and a 1 meter USB C to Lightning cable.

If you plan on using your iPhone 14 Pro MQ1F3AA/A for a long time, you will definitely be happy to know that Apple offers battery replacement services for it. 

According to information from Apple.ae, the iPhone 14 Pro has an estimated battery replacement cost of AED 385. 

You can read more about iPhone battery replacement costs and how to care for your iPhone battery by visiting this link.

Since the iPhone 14 Pro only comes with the phone and its charging cable in the box, you would have to buy a few extra accessories separately if you needed them. 

Below is a list of recommended accessories for your iPhone 14 Pro MQ1F3AA/A. Click the links to see where you can buy them and how much they cost.

  1. Apple 20W fast charging adapter
  2. Apple iPhone 15W Magsafe wireless charger
  3. Belkin BoostCharge PRO 3-in-1 Wireless Charger with MagSafe for iPhone
  4. Apple MagSafe Duo Charger
  5. Apple MagSafe Battery Pack
  6. Apple 2 meter USB-C to Lightning Cable
  7. iPhone 14 Pro Cases
  8. iPhone 14 Pro MagSafe Case
  9. iPhone 14 Pro screen protector
  10. Apple Watch Series 8


To sum up, the MQ1F3AA/A iPhone model is the UAE variant of the iPhone 14 Pro 256GB Deep Purple. 

The MQ1F3AA/A iPhone model is manufactured primarily for sale and use in the UAE, and it has a SIM card slot, which is not available in the US version. 

The MQ1F3AA/A model features a new A16 Bionic Chip, Dynamic Island, and bigger camera lenses. 

However, FaceTime is not available on the phone when the region is set to the United Arab Emirates, but it can be used via VPN. 

Overall, the MQ1F3AA/A model offers advanced features and performance, making it a worthy upgrade for Apple fans.

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